The Vermont Law School Partners Group consists of boyfriends, girlfriends, husbands, wives, partners, and the significant others of VLS students. The group gets together for social gatherings, shares information of interest to partners, and acts as a network for job opportunities in the area. Monthly gatherings/dinners just for partners as well as events for partners and their students can lead to new friendships, job tips, or even just the chance to have a bit of fun.


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Upcoming Events

The Partners Group does its best to ensure that families partners are kept up to date on the latest VLS Events which may be of interest to them.  Check back here often for information about upcoming events. We hope that if you are a partner of a VLS student you will plan to participate and take advantage of these opportunities to meet other partners, socialize, and join the network of people in similar situations.



Partner Profiles

Meet some VLS Partners --- and their students.


Leah And Paul

Leah and Paul recently moved to South Royalton, Vermont from New York City.  The couple fatefully met four years earlier at a backpackers in Cape Town, South Africa. In addition to their shared enthusiasm for sky diving, bungee jumping and traveling; Leah and Paul are passionate about the environment.  Paul is the son of Grand Canyon Park Rangers and Leah earned a masters in Environmental Conservation from NYU.  Leah works in the advancement office at VLS and Paul is pursuing a JD in the accelerated program.  Hiking, camping, law school and blueberry picking aside; the real reason the couple moved to Vermont is their love of Heady Topper, the hallowed Vermont Double IPA.

Duane And Adrian

Adrian and Duane (pictured with Godson, Matthew) knew that they had found their home the moment they stepped onto campus for their first visit.  The warm welcome they received on that cold April morning was unlike that at any other school.  Moving to New England will certainly be an adjustment for these life-long Texans.  Prior to coming to VLS for the AJD program, Adrian received his Masters in Criminal Justice from Boston University and worked as an Adult Probation Officer in Lockhart TX.  Duane is a physician specializing in hyperbaric medicine and the treatment of chronic wounds.  He is employed at the Wound Healing Center in Concord, NH which is just down the road by Texas standards.  Adrian and Duane first met on the playground in first grade and were married in Vancouver, BC in 2011.  They are looking forward to making New England their home.  As for their four cats, Ariel, Michael, Gabriel and Raphael, that remains to be seen.


Katheryn and Joseph

Joseph and Katheryn chose to come to Vermont Law School without ever visiting the area. The drive from San Antonio, Texas took over 30 hours but as soon as Joseph and Katheryn crossed the bridge into South Royalton they knew the trip was worth every mile. Now that Joseph is in his second year at VLS, and Katheryn has found a wonderful position at the Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center they have fully adjusted to New England life.


Joseph and Katheryn have been in each other's lives since middle school band, and married the May before Joseph's first semester of law school. They have a nine year old dog that made the trek up to Vermont from Texas with them. He has become a regular in the South Royalton dog scene. You can catch Joseph and Katheryn at the farmers market on Thursday afternoons or grabbing an ice cream from RB's Deli.



Emily and Jordan

Jordan and Emily Carpenter made the move to South Royalton from Tuscaloosa, AL with their 12-lb. superdog, Benji. Jordan earned a degree in environmental science from the University of Alabama and chose VLS for its environmental law program and quaint setting. Emily works as a registered nurse at nearby Gifford Medical Center while Jordan pursues his J.D. Now in their second year as Vermonters, they have settled into the slower pace of life and have learned more about maple syrup and cheddar cheese than they ever thought possible. 


Southerners through and through, they wanted to expand their horizons and take an adventure together in New England. The best adventure so far in Vermont has been the birth of their daughter, Eliza, in June 2014. Now a family of four (Benji included), they enjoy exploring the Green Mountain State's highways, back roads, and trails.