​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Vermont Law students are intellectually curious and highly motivated. They bring diverse perspectives, interests, and talents to campus, creating a vibrant learning community. 

They come from almost every state an​d several countries. Their academic backgrounds are likewise diverse, ranging from English to environmental science. Some students are fresh from undergrad, while others have left careers to explore new opportunities.

However Vermont Law School students may differ, they are​ united by their ambition to make a difference in their chosen fields.

2015 Enrollment Statistics

Total enrollment for Fall 2015575 students (unduplicated headcount)
Total JD Enrollment 375 students
Masters and LLM Enrollment 200 students
Online-Only Enrollment 102 students (non-JD students)
JD Attrition, First Year to Second Year 10% (Fall 2014-Fall 2015; 15 students transferred out)

Entering JD Class of 2016 Profile 

Number of Applicants 647
Number of Offers 524
Total Class Size 139
JD Traditional81
​​JD Accelerated​32
JD/Masters 24
JD Reduced Residency​
75% 3.50156
50% 3.16 150
25% 2.77145
Financial Aid
Merit Scholarships Awarded 86%
Average Scholarship Award $22,000
Gender 58% Female / 42% Male
Students of Color 29%
Average Age 27
States and Territories Represented




Educational Background
Undergraduate Institutions 114
Undergraduate Majors 42
Top Majors Environmental Science, Political Science, Humanities, Criminal Justice, Liberal Arts, Communications, History, English, Business Administration, Natural Sciences, Biology, Economics, Philosophy, Sociology
Students with Graduate Degrees 13% ​