Our Promise

We are committed to developing a generation of leaders who use the power of the law to make a difference in our communities and the world. Because the status quo is no longer acceptable.


​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​You are thinking about law school because you see the law as a powerful tool for changing the status quo. That's the way we see it, too.

Law helps us distinguish our rights from our responsibilities. It’s how we organize corporations and co-ops, structure markets, create policies and regulations, agree and resolve disagreements. Students interested in making an impact on the world—in the private, public, or social sectors—need the law to get things done.

Our job begins by creating a diverse ​community of students who bring different skills, backgrounds and ideologies to our campus​​. You come to us with degrees in everything from civil engineering to philosophy, and many of you have professional experience in various fields. We help you build on what you know to become law clerks and litigators, policymakers and legislators, defenders of the environment, and advocates for social justice.

With knowledge of the law, you become a leader.

But you won't go it alone. This is a team effort. At Vermont Law School, you will build a network of relationships that last. Our faculty is dedicated to teaching you what you need to know and getting you out in the world. And our alumni stay connected—helping current students decide how best to use their skills.​



Summer Sessionhttp://www-staging.vermontlaw.edu/summerSummer SessionSpend your summer at Vermont Law School's nationally recognized Summer Session. Learn from VLS professors, environmental law leaders, and agency professionals.
Dual Degreeshttp://www-staging.vermontlaw.edu/academics/degrees/dual-degreesDual DegreesThrough partnerships with like-minded institutions, Vermont Law School students enhance the impact of their Vermont Law School Masters or Juris Doctor degree.
Masters of Laws (LLM) Degreehttp://www-staging.vermontlaw.edu/academics/degrees/llmMasters of Laws (LLM) DegreePost-JD students find unparalleled opportunities for intensive study in Vermont Law School’s Masters of Laws (LLM) programs.
Online Degree Programs - Admissions | Vermont Law Schoolhttp://www-staging.vermontlaw.edu/admissions/apply-now/online-degreesOnline Degree Programs - Admissions | Vermont Law SchoolAre you intrigued with the idea of expanding your expertise with a Vermont Law School degree, but wonder how you can do it while working, raising a family, or being engaged in your community?
Juris Doctorhttp://www-staging.vermontlaw.edu/academics/degrees/jdJuris Doctor​Earning a Juris Doctor from Vermont Law School indicates dedication and commitment, not just to the legal profession, but to making an impact through the law.
Master’s Degreeshttp://www-staging.vermontlaw.edu/academics/degrees/mastersMaster’s DegreesA Master’s Degree from Vermont Law School is about more than legal theory. By studying advocacy, regulations, legislation, and markets, you’ll acquire the tools needed to create a more sustainable world.
Accelerated Juris Doctorhttp://www-staging.vermontlaw.edu/academics/degrees/jd/accelerated-jdAccelerated Juris DoctorVermont Law School’s Accelerated Juris Doctor program will save you a year’s tuition and living expenses. And you’ll enter (or re-enter) the workforce sooner.