​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​The practice of the law is rarely contained by national boundaries.  In a world where social systems, politics, economic development, human rights, and environmental protection present global challenges, international legal practice requires expertise in international law and in legal systems outside the U.S.—as well as cross-cultural understanding and sensitivity.

​Curricular Opportunities

The International and Comparative Law Program at Vermont Law School prepares students for these challenges by equipping them with knowledge and understanding of international and foreign law, an awareness of underlying issues and the necessary skills to navigate the global legal environment.  More than 30 courses and a wide choice of study experiences broaden knowledge and skills, add new perspective, and open opportunities.   ​​​Students interested in demonstrating committed focus to international law can earn a Certificate in International and Comparative Law.  Students who have already earned a law degree outside the U.S. increase their global perspective through an ​​​​​​LLM in American Legal Studies. Designed to enhance their career options, students develop a solid foundation in U.S. law and legal systems.


Our partnerships with leading universities​​​ in Canada, China, England, France, Italy and Spain allow students to study abroad for a semester or earn a specialized dual degreeOn-campus courses include a study abroad component​ in such subjects as European Union Law, Comparative Constitutional Law, and International Climate Change Law.​

Experiential Learning​

International Semester in Practice (SiP) Externships​ allow students to engage in research and real world projects with organizations like the World Health Organization, Geneva; International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia, The Hague; the U.S. Department of State; and the United Nations Environment Program, Nairobi.  Students specifically interested in human rights law and policy can engage in experiential learning opportunities through the  Center for Applied Human Rights​.  Students gain exposure to real-world issues of human rights theory and practice, interact with grassroots rights advocates and international organizations, contribute to solutions, and build their professional network through hands-on learning experiences with NGOs and inter-governmental organizations.

​Engaging the Community​

The student-run International Law Society​ extends international issues and career information to the entire Vermont Law School community through speaker panels, discussion workshops, conferences and guest speakers, and professional skills ​mentoring.

Alumni Profile

Ashlee Stetser, ’15, studied at Singapore Management University and interned with the Documentation Center of Cambodia the summer after her 1L year. As an intern, Ashlee edited articles for the inaugural Cambodia Law & Policy Journal and monitored trial proceedings at the Extraordinary Chambers in the Courts of Cambodia. Ashlee also participated in educational sessions and trainings with DC-Cam’s Trial Monitoring Committee and co-authored a newspaper article on these trainings. At the end of her internship, she travelled to Myanmar with DC-Cam’s Director to finalize a partnership to develop a documentation center in Yangon. Her 1L internship led her to publish an article on environmental impact assessment laws in Cambodia and to return to Myanamar and Cambodia  as a delegate on behalf of the United States. Ashlee will attend the University of Oxford in October 2015, as a student in the Foreign Service Programme.

​Photo Credit: Ashlee Stetser





Agriculture & Food Systemshttp://www-staging.vermontlaw.edu/academics/specializations/agriculture-food-systemsAgriculture & Food SystemsFood is a basic necessity of human life and a unique vehicle for change, as it is intimately tied to human health, the environment, poverty, immigration, animal welfare, law, politics, and culture, on every step of its journey from farm to plate.
Business Lawhttp://www-staging.vermontlaw.edu/academics/specializations/business-lawBusiness LawA targeted suite of classes for students who want to specialize in business. Courses include corporations, bankruptcy, nonprofit management, white collar crime and more.
China & Southeast Asiahttp://www-staging.vermontlaw.edu/academics/specializations/china-and-southeast-asiaChina & Southeast AsiaAs the challenges posed by climate change grow in urgency, the power that massive developing countries like China, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, and Myanmar can leverage to effect change cannot be overstated.
Climate Change Lawhttp://www-staging.vermontlaw.edu/academics/specializations/climate-change-lawClimate Change LawIn a time of broken global temperature records, increasing natural disasters, emerging U.S. and international law and policy will be key to governing mitigation of and adaptation to climate change.
Criminal Lawhttp://www-staging.vermontlaw.edu/academics/specializations/criminal-lawCriminal LawThe certificate in criminal law provides broad-based, comprehensive training and skills needed by students to become prosecutors, defenders, or to practice criminal law in a private firm setting.
Dispute Resolutionhttp://www-staging.vermontlaw.edu/academics/specializations/dispute-resolutionDispute ResolutionIn an increasingly complex world, dispute resolution offers a way to find solutions that allow all parties to move forward without entering a courtroom.
Energy Lawhttp://www-staging.vermontlaw.edu/academics/specializations/energy-lawEnergy LawVermont Law School courses and clinics consider the relationship between energy and the environment in the context of its legal, scientific, commercial and human implications.
Environmental Justicehttp://www-staging.vermontlaw.edu/academics/specializations/environmental-justiceEnvironmental JusticeStudents who specialize in Environmental Justice will develop their personal and professional environmental ethics.
Environmental Lawhttp://www-staging.vermontlaw.edu/academics/specializations/environmental-lawEnvironmental LawVermont Law School offers a multidisciplinary array of environmental courses in law, policy, science, economics, and ethics to students studying for any one of our degrees or certificates.
International Environmental Lawhttp://www-staging.vermontlaw.edu/academics/specializations/international-environmental-lawInternational Environmental LawEnvironmental issues are global issues. The unique opportunities at Vermont Law School prepare our graduates to be leaders in international environmental law and policy.
International & Comparative Lawhttp://www-staging.vermontlaw.edu/academics/specializations/international-comparative-lawInternational & Comparative LawPrepares students for careers with international organizations, NGOs, law firms, multinational enterprises, and government agencies. We offer study experiences that broaden knowledge and skills, add new perspective, and open opportunities.
Land Use Lawhttp://www-staging.vermontlaw.edu/academics/specializations/land-use-lawLand Use LawIncluding smart growth principles, ecological planning, affordable housing, flood hazard mitigation, energy and land use regulatory decision-making, permitting processes, and land conservation strategies.
Legal Writinghttp://www-staging.vermontlaw.edu/academics/specializations/legal-writingLegal Writing
Sports Lawhttp://www-staging.vermontlaw.edu/academics/specializations/sports-lawSports Law
Tax Law and Policyhttp://www-staging.vermontlaw.edu/academics/specializations/tax-law-and-policyTax Law and PolicyWe know that improving the environment requires changing the way we run our businesses, use our resources, and act as citizens. But how do we actually make that change occur?
Technology & Legal Innovationhttp://www-staging.vermontlaw.edu/academics/specializations/technology-legal-innovationTechnology & Legal InnovationDigital technologies create a wealth of new possibilities around how we define, deliver, and teach law. What does government become as legislation and regulation open to digital means of access and participation?
Water Resources Law | Vermont Lawhttp://www-staging.vermontlaw.edu/academics/specializations/water-resources-lawWater Resources Law | Vermont LawLearn about local, national, and global efforts to secure water supplies through research, education, and policy development. Focus on water law, environmental justice, and policy initiatives to further wise, judicious use of water as a public resource.


​Two Vermont Law School alumni, Ashley Santner JD/M1 '10 and Gretchen Oldham '09, browse inside a bookshop in Paris, France.