​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Our international and comparative law program offers an exciting range of opportunities to expand your horizons—through numerous courses; a certificate in international and comparative law; study abroad options of a year, a semester, or a few weeks; conferences and guest lectures; and international law externships in the U.S. and abroad.

Curricular Opportunities

Our partnerships with leading universities in Canada, China, England, France, Italy and Spain allow students to experience a semester abroad or earn a specialized degree from a foreign university. You will emerge with a solid foundation in international and comparative law, as well as a valuable global perspective.

For individuals who live outside of the United States, there are several options for both taking classes and completing degree programs through Vermont Law School.

If you are not currently enrolled in a degree program anywhere and are willing to relocate to the United States, you can apply for admission to many of Vermont Law School's campus-based degree programs.​​ Please note additional application requirements for international students.

If you are currently enrolled at an institution which has an established exchange partnership with VLS, you can complete coursework through the International and Comparative Law Program as an international exchange student.  Please speak with the appropriate folks at your host institution about getting involved.

If you would like to take classes through Vermont Law School, but are not willing or able to relocate to the United States, you can earn many of our degrees through our online degree programs.

If you are a current or potential Vermont Law School student, and a resident of the United States, and are interested in taking classes in another country as part of your education, read about our study abroad opportunities.



Center for Applied Human Rightshttp://www-staging.vermontlaw.edu/academics/centers-and-programs/center-for-applied-human-rightsCenter for Applied Human RightsOpportunities for research and advocacy training on cutting-edge issues in human rights law and policy and a focal point for human rights-related events at the law school.
Global Advocacy Mission Scholarshttp://www-staging.vermontlaw.edu/academics/centers-and-programs/international-and-comparative-law-program/global-advocacy-mission-scholarsGlobal Advocacy Mission Scholars
International & Comparative Law | Certificates | VLShttp://www-staging.vermontlaw.edu/academics/certificates/certificate-in-international-and-comparative-lawInternational & Comparative Law | Certificates | VLS​​Want to demonstrate a committed focus to your focus on international law?
International Dual Degreeshttp://www-staging.vermontlaw.edu/academics/centers-and-programs/international-and-comparative-law-program/international-dual-degreesInternational Dual DegreesLearn about VLS' partnerships with top-tier institutions of higher education around the world.
International & Comparative Lawhttp://www-staging.vermontlaw.edu/academics/specializations/international-comparative-lawInternational & Comparative LawPrepares students for careers with international organizations, NGOs, law firms, multinational enterprises, and government agencies. We offer study experiences that broaden knowledge and skills, add new perspective, and open opportunities.
LLM in American Legal Studies | Vermont Law Schoolhttp://www-staging.vermontlaw.edu/academics/degrees/llm/llm-in-american-legal-studiesLLM in American Legal Studies | Vermont Law SchoolThe LLM in American Legal Studies degree is designed for students with a law degree from outside the United States.